27 September

Training program for Pragati Shikshya Sadan H.S.S.

As the first, formal event of the organization, TechnoCottage Nepal organized a training program for the students of Pragati Sikshya Sadan H.S.S. on 23rd September 2011. Around 45 students of 8th standard of the school participated in the event where they were given a basic training on “How to build your own PC” and description along with functions of the various components of a PC. The two hour long program included power point presentation, hands on demonstration on building the CPU and random question answers sessions.  Throughout the program, the students were very interactive and not at all hesitant to answer or ask out their curiosities. The enthusiasm shown by the students was, in itself, a mark of success for the event. The program was also witnessed by quite a number of members of the faculty from the school. Even the teachers were equally enthusiastic to learn.

As the members of techno cottage Nepal, our aim was not only to launch a formal event but also to enlighten the students with the wondrous opportunities that the field of IT provides. We started with the basic and general understanding of computer hardware and also provided the faculty with some useful CDs and handouts which we believe will be resourceful for the future references too.  The feedback we got on completion of the program was a real morale booster for our team. The spark of  knowledge that these students showed in this particular program has added to our determination to give the best that we can. As for our next step, we will be coming up with more useful and interesting events in the near future.