29 February

Field Visit for Feasibility Study at Namdu, Dolakha

In 18 February, 2012 team of five TCN members went to Namdu VDC, Dolakha for a field visit. Situated 160 Kilometers away from the capital, Kathmandu, it houses around 12 public schools in the Namdu area. Among these 12 schools our team had the task to visit Busti Secondary School and Baiteshwor Higher Secondary School in Namdu. The field visit was aimed at finding the potentiality of implementing a project where IT education and IT infrastructure can be given to the students and teachers there. This feasibility study was carried out with the help of one of the founders of the school, Mr. Dhan Bahadur Bhujel, and one of the teachers currently teaching there, Mr. Ramji Dahal. Overall, the field visit was a success. Thanks to Himani Trust  in helping us to choose the schools.

Some of the findings of the field visit are as follows:

Field visit to Busti Secondary School

In 2045 B.S., Busti Secondary School was founded by the different members of the village community and among which was Mr. Dhan Bahadur Bhujel. The Busti Secondary School is located in Namdu VDC, Ward Number 1 in Dolakha district with around 13 Ropanis of land.


  • The total number of students is 180.
  • It is a primary school with 6 temporary teachers and 3 primary teachers.
  • There are 10 class rooms and classes are conducted till 8th grade only.
  • Three computer teachers are conducting computer classes but without computers.
  • Computers are necessity and highly needed in the school.
  • There is a lack of proper sanitation too.

After the completion of the survey we interviewed founder member of the school and gathered more information about school infrastructure, surrounding and needs.

Field Visit to Baiteshwor Higher Secondary School

Baiteshwor Higher Secondary School was established in 2010 B.S. at Namdu VDC, Ward number 1 in Dolakha.


  • The total number of students is 750.
  • The School has total of 102 teachers and staffs.
  • It has its sister organization called Tripura Campus where B.Ed. course is taught for 100 students.
  • The school currently has 4 computers and it requires more computers to conduct computer classes.
  • Computer classes are run on 7th and 8th grades only.
  • The average student per class is 80.
  • Computer has been assigned as optional subject as there is inadequate number of computers (only 4) and only 25 students get to apply.

Interview with Mr Ramji Dahal in Busti Secondary School:

Mr. Ramji is currently a Science and an English teacher at this school. We were touched when he told us about the school and its need for IT infrastructure. He told us a story of his students where they spent 48 long hours in Deepawali’s Deusi Bhailo Program in order to collect funds to buy a computer for their school. Unfortunately, their hard work didn’t payoff. They were hardly able to collect even a half sum of money that could buy a computer.