24 March

Development by People : Techno Cottage Nepal’s Computer Collection Drive

It is sad to say that while inspecting this School, Busti Secondary School, at Namdu VDC-1, Dolakha, (with a total of 180 students) we found out that it lacks proper health and educational facilities (from shortage of fresh drinking water to absence of restrooms/toilet). We found out that it is because of this lack of service that students, especially girls, don’t prefer to go to school. In our talks with the teachers and few students there at Busti Secondary School, we also found out that the school lacks in providing proper IT Awareness for its students. Students have the idea of what a computer is as they have read about it in their books but they have never actually seen and used it. Also, this school has highest rate of marginalized students studying whose parents are struggling to send their kids to school every day.

Therefore, we, the Techno Cottage Nepal team, are going to establish a Knowledge Center at Busti Secondary School at Namdu VDC-1, Dolakha. We are planning to build a Computer Lab, an Audio Visual Room, and a Resource Center with Books and Learning Kits. We plan to donate these things with a formal event. This event/project will be of five days.

We want your generous help and support! You can join hands with us and make this dream a reality. If you have a computer (P4 preferred) that’s laying around in your house it’s better that it goes to someone who uses it and learns from it. You will be shaping a child’s future!
Every goods that you donate will have your Name on it and you will also be awarded a letter of appreciation from our side. And, the goods that you donate will be utilized well for building the school’s infrastructure.

Hope you will be a part of this noble cause.

Thank You,
Techno Cottage Nepal

Parikshit Bickram Rana
Project Coordinator
Phone: +977-(9841)-039251

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