28 July

Our First Anniversary!

We celebrated today Techno Cottage Nepal’s First Anniversary. It was a small gathering of members and guests. We talked about what we accomplished and what will be our future projects.

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A copy of our President’s Message is as follows:


Dear TechnoCots,

Thank you all for coming to this auspicious occasion and celebration of the first anniversary of Techno Cottage Nepal.

Techno Cottage Nepal got its identity as a social organization a year ago on this same day. It was born with the mission to help the rural communities and minority groups of Nepal to help gain knowledge, development and wisdom through information technology. With the help of eight great founders, my eight great friends, we were able to accomplish a common goal, to help people through a mutual passage, Techno Cottage Nepal. Their presence and support in forming this organization is commendable. There is no word to gratify this act of philanthropy.

Through times and experiences, things have made me realize that there is a greater good besides our mundane life. I have also realised that you just can’t weigh everything in monetary terms or materials. It’s a gift that you must adore, being born in a well-off family. And there are many others who sleep every night hoping that they never stop dreaming, and hoping they never wake up to come back to reality. You must therefore cherish that gift and give times to these dreamers, the needy ones. People say fortune comes to those who favor it. That’s where humanity also fits in.

I never said I believe in Luck. I still believe more in “what you reap is what you sow” ideology.  But the times and experiences have always baffled me. For instance, it was technology that saved my life when I was five months old and I got to own a computer when most of the people in Nepal didn’t even had a color television to watch. What do I call this – Luck or just a consequence of random acts? Am I Lucky? – It makes me think again and again. I know it’s because of Technology. Thus, I embrace it more, more as it mystifies me and suck me deep into it. I think you should do the same. Get your constant attention on things that mystifies you more, that makes you more challenging, that awes you more, and only then can you achieve the level of your true potential. That day, you will find your luck!

I still remember the days I have spent together, as a family, with all the members, especially the special ones who have always been there with me, at constant, in sorrows and in glees. There were times when we were out of funds, there were times when we were out of people, there were times when we were out of support, and there were times when we were out of hope. But, we managed to pull it off, together. We gave our best effort in things that were achievable and in things that we were capable of. Thank you for that! For Everything! I know I could never stand as a one man army.

As a President of this organization it is my sole duty to think for the organization at its best. I tried to do the same. In the due process, I might have been arrogant or impulsive at times. But, I was doing what was best for the organization. I hope you agree to that and take it as a role that one must play when you have something to be responsible of. I hope that I have played my cards well. I hope that I was and will always be worthy to be a president and a founding member of Techno Cottage Nepal.

I would like to thank you all again for the help and support that you have given me. I hope the board and the members will take this organization to the greater heights in the days to come. I would love to see it grow and spread its wings, full-fledged.

Thank You!

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