10 November

Commencement of IT Awareness Project

The first out of five phases of “Techno Cottage Nepal (TCN) IT Awareness Project” was successfully completed on 28th of September,2013 at Helpless Upliftment Center, Koteshwor, Kathmandu. Our first phase was focused on introducing the basics of computer and hardware and also teaching the children at the center about “How Computer Works”. A short introduction of students and the project was followed by a brief description of computer hardware. It was an enthusiastic atmosphere for both children and TCN Members as the afternoon unfolded and the children were made accustomed to computer and its hardware parts.

Several PowerPoint slides and handouts were made use of to help the students grasp the concept in a much better and faster way. Apart from this, the children also got hands on experience about computer parts as the TCN members showed them how different parts were assembled inside the Central Processing Unit. The session ended on a positive note with a short prologue about the second phase which is about computer software.