Techno Cottage Nepal is a not for profit organization Techno Cottage Nepal that runs solely on the initiation of its members and the help given by benevolent donors and volunteers. Established in 2011, Techno Cottage Nepal’s main objective is to work for the awareness and involvement of Nepalese Citizens in the field of Information & Technology. We aim at improving the living standards of our society through the means of Information Technology. We believe in the power and opportunity that technology can provide to the people to shape their lives and thus, we want to be a medium to bring the two together. The members of this organization are self-motivated and have a vision to provide the children and adults of rural areas with the knowledge about Technology and its use in our lives.

Our Vision:

To help uplift the socio-economic standard of backward and under-privileged youth and children from all around Nepal through the means of Information Technology.

Our Mission:

The mission of Techno Cottage Nepal is to educate and help Nepalese society about the usefulness and importance of IT in their daily lives. We also seek to impart knowledge to people on how they can use technology to enhance their business, communication, and personal skills to present themselves in this competitive world.

How We Started:

Techno Cottage Nepal was founded by the joint effort of nine fresh graduate students. Taking the task as a challenge, Techno Cottage Nepal was established in 2011 with a view of “Revolutionizing Society through IT”.

While still in college, we had carried out an event under the IT Club and Social Welfare Club to help schools in Kalikot, a rural village in Nepal, by donating computers. The idea was simple. We had to collect unused/damaged desktops and laptops and maintain/repair them and send them to the schools there. This idea laid the foundation for the formation of “Techno Cottage Nepal”. Our basic motive still is the same, i.e. to help our societies gain much more with the use of IT.

What’s in the name?

We discussed a lot about naming our organization. At first we went with “IT for Society Nepal”. However after much discussions and deliberations, Techno Cottage was agreed upon as a better option. Since then, Techno Cottage has been gaining fame and recognition mainly among the youth through social networks like facebook and twitter.