As a non-profit and non-political organization we, the members at Techno Cottage Nepal, work our very best to fulfill our dream of educating the backward society of Nepal about the use and importance of IT. And to do so, we are in constant need for help and assistance of any sort. Your small generous help could seed the brighter Nepal.

Ways to HELP us:

  1. Donate computers and related equipment.
    • Any thing you donate (Physical Goods) will go straight to underprivileged children/youths and schools in rural Nepal. You will be informed of the donation that you made and where it is  helping the society.
    • You can always donate used Computers(Desktops/Laptops), Books(Any), IT related equipment, etc.
  2. Volunteer in our programs.
    • We will be in constant need of volunteers and coordinators.
    • You can take active participation in our activities and programs.
  3. Financial help.
    • No organization can exist without proper financial backing. We will be in constant need of funds to carry out our programs.
    • The financial help that you provide will be used wisely and without any misuse.
  4. Registering as a Member.
    • You could register as our member and grow with us.
    • Techno Cottage Nepal will aid for the foundation of your success/career. And, it is up to you to use this opportunity wisely.

Contact us @ : admin@technocottage.orgtoday!